Branding project for Giles Insurance Services in Anderson, CA

New Branding, New Look, New Feel – Giles Insurance Services

Todd Giles wanted a modern look for his family owned company and decided to update his branding. This included a new logo and a strategy for color and typography usage. There were a few concerns going into the project. First, we did not want to intimidate current clients. Second, we wanted to better connect with new clients.

To explain the design I will focus on two parts: the mark and the type. When displaying the logo the mark is placed either to the left of the type or alone. The type also contains three rotated squares. The squares represent the many services offered through Giles. The mark shows depth by overlapping the shapes.

I set the logo in Gotham and I used both black and light weights. The type uses several other features, too. I used tight leading and tracking as well as aligned the type left against the mark. The typeface was easy to use with the large variation of weights.

The color scheme selected was to provide a friendly and corporate feel. We wanted to maintain the professionalism of the company as well as appearing fun, energetic, and confident.

The company website now reflects the new branding. You can see it here.


ClientGiles Insurance Services
SkillsBranding, Logo Design, Typography